New Guest Facilities Now Open

Following on from the first stage of centre improvements completed at the end of 2017, new guest facilities at the Exchange Ilford were unveiled in September, breathing new life into the centre and receiving fantastic feedback.

As well as a general uplift of the whole toilet and surrounding areas, a new state-of-the-art parent and baby changing room has been introduced alongside new family feeding rooms. These developments mean mums have the privacy and freedom to breastfeed in clean, spacious and pleasant surroundings, while having a safe area for toddlers to play in. This provides peace of mind for mothers with more than one child, and helps create a stress-free and positive user experience.

As well as the family room, the entire floor received an amenities upgrade, with the look and feel of the area being transformed completely. Bright and spacious, the area now boasts a character that encourages guests to relax and take a break in peaceful surroundings.

Encapsulated by the modern feel and beautiful jungle themes, the facility has been received very well by guests. Exchange shopper Irene Atkinson said: 'Well done, great news! The whole place feels very modern and clean, I didn't expect this area to be so nice!' 

One of the highlights has undoubtedly been the Changing Places facility that is dedicated to providing ease of access and offers a comfortable experience for all guests. With dedicated private feeding areas, the sometimes daunting prospect of feeding in public is eliminated, giving mums the welcome rest and privacy they need. With a separate play area for younger children, mums no longer need to rush and worry about their other kids with the play area offering much-needed peace of mind to all busy mums. With a microwave, height adjustable facilities and plenty of comfortable space to rest, there has been a lot to please our guests. Emma Hawes said, 'The changing area is lovely,  I had a good nosey today at all the spaces, very impressed!'

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